Social TransFormation Summit 2021 - Review of the event

With the goal to learn from each other about social-ecological transformation, share best practices and form new projects, over 60 applicants registered for the event on site and online.

Sept. 4 was a  workshop about how the financial sector could contribute to social-ecological transformation.  During the vegan lunch, participants and guest lecturers exchanged their impressions and opinions. In the afternoon Professor Ella Roininen gave a workshop about “Feminism – The personal is political” while Marisol Bock, a new lecturer at Karlshochschule who recently finished her PhD, gave a workshop about “Future imagination: Peace(s) and sustainable degrowth”. Participants who attended the Social Transformation Summit on site, were impressed by the variety of topics addressed and the progressive mindset of the lecturers. One said: “Karlshochschule is so cool, I have never heard about the university before the Social Transformation Summit, I envy the students studying here”. In the evening further workshops took place, covering topics from climate justice and colonial continuity to the future of Europe and questions of solidarity. After the official program and dinner, participants and lecturers spent the evening on the roof terrace with music and good disussions.

On the second day of the Social TransFormation Summit a fair for the common good took place on Stephansplatz which was organized by the local chapter of Economy for the Common Good, Jusos and with the support of the Office for Economic Development of the city of Karlsruhe. Around 30 local organizations, common good oriented businesses and projects participated by presenting their work and ideas. Moreover, professor Dr. Dr. Björn Bohnenkamp moderated a panel discussion with different local stakeholders on the question: “Which kind of economy does a socio-ecological transformation need and how can it be achieved on a municipal level?”. We are already planning to organize another Social Transformation Summit in 2022. All in all, the event was a nice step to contributing to social-ecological transformation and connecting various likeminded actors.