I expect there to be a platform, or forum, where the exchange of socially and politically valid topics can be freely discussed by scientists, artists, politicians and ordinary citizens. Where high profile speakers regularly stimulate animated discussion, ensuring differing scientific disciplines and social groups understand and inspire each other. I imagine these "Karlsgespräche" are representative of an open, cosmopolitan University, along with many other similar programs and events at Karlshochschule.

Review "Walking in others' shoes - How change in perspective can make a difference."

Change in perspective is a powerful tool when it comes to fostering learning processes. Both intercultural learning abroad and service learning at home use the perspective of “the other”.

How can this learning be facilitated? And how can new research in neuroscience support this approach? This interactive lecture will let you work in someone else’s shoes.


Who?:Annette Gisevius, Professor of Civic Engagement, Ethics and Service Learning

When?: Wednesday, 6. November 2019

Where?: PlaySpace, 1st floor of Karlshochschule

*This event will be in english language.