Atmosphere of Karls

At Karlshochschule, I see through things – quite literally. The inviting glass walls not only allow a view of what is going on inside each room, but let me breathe and give me a feeling of openness and freedom. The lecture rooms are intimate and equipped with comfortable seating around group tables that support the interactive character of lecturing. When class is not in session, I can simply use lecture rooms for group work and freely use projectors, white-boards, flipcharts and further portable media. And even if there are no rooms available at the time I may need one, the Play Space, the "open library" with its inspirational literature, co-working spaces, roof terrace or KarlsCafé (with its bean bags, comfy sofas, pool-table and low-cost drinks and snacks) are all at my disposal to study, meet friends or just hang out.

But more important than the building itself, I have a very personal relationship with my fellow students, professors and service staff. At a small University like this, I know almost everyone around and they all know me. Regularly we go for drinks after lectures – even with the professors – and meet at the Student Board's Afterwork Events. And if I ever have any questions or issues, my lecturers, the services and students are always happy to help and give advice. I am part of a community here – a community I never expected to find while studying for my degree.