About Karlshochschule


  • Officially recognized by the Wissenschaftsministerium (Ministry of Science) Baden-Württemberg

  • 12 Bachelor's programs, 2 Master's programs BA

  • System accreditation by the FIBAA

  • 10 professors, 4 honorary professors, approx. 80 lecturers

  • Approx. 650 students

Our Teaching

  • Is shaped by an interest in knowledge of managerial, entrepreneurial and organisational activity in economic, ecological, social and cultural contexts

  • Is in pursuit of an interpretative approach to economics and social sciences

  • Qualifies students to take on management and leadership functions in business and society, imparting cognitive-theoretical knowledge ("rules"), disposable knowledge ("tools") and orientation knowledge (knowledge of ethically justified purposes and goals)

  • Is intercultural:

    • English as the language of instruction

    • compulsory learning of a second and optional third foreign language

    • languages offered: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish

    • semester abroad at one of the numerous partner universities worldwide

The Students

Bachelor's Programs

Master's Programs - and Specializations

The tuition fee for all study programs is 690 euros. (Due to the current economic development, the tuition fees may change from January 1st, 2023. For applicants who apply by December 31st, 2022 and sign a study contract by February 28th, 2023, these fees remain guaranteed.)