New DFG Project

Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe

Prof. Dr. Nadja Meisterhans launches DFG research project entitled "The Dialectic of Pandemics: Between Authoritarianism and Utopia?"

How does society deal with a pandemic and what are the consequences of the pandemic?
Is Corona ushering in an authoritarian or paternalistic mode of crisis resolution?
Is the global health crisis playing into the hands of populists?
Is authoritarian desire now growing even more?

Political scientist Prof. Dr. Nadja Meisterhans of Karlshochschule draws on early Frankfurt school critical theory in her project on the "Dialectic of the pandemic". In doing so, she moves between authoritarianism and utopia, because the situation could also offer an opportunity for political and social learning processes and result in a strategy of self-empowerment based on solidarity.

The transdisciplinary project is situated at the interface of psychoanalysis, cultural theory and political philosophy and aims to develop a psychoanalytically informed critical theory that reflects on the origins and effects of authoritarian populism. At the same time, a dialectical perspective will be used to look for social dynamics that could counteract authoritarian developments in society and politics.

Prof. Dr. Nadja Meisterhans has successfully been awarded this project at the University of Vienna on the topic "Dialectic of Pandemic. Between Authoritarianism and Utopia?" at the Austrian Science Fund FWF and transferred it to the German Research Foundation within the Money Follows Researcher Program.
Project starts in autumn at Karlshochschule International University.

Detailed project description see link