Our students from the Karls Public Speaking Initiative brought an extraordinary event to Karlshochschule in early October.

With a program of 10 captivating speakers and fascinating performers, TEDxKarlsruhe was a day full of insightful talks.

Gabriela's words on looking back: "I first joined the Public Speaking initiative when I came to Karlshochschule in 2022. Aboubacar Konate - the head of the initiative at the time - mentioned that he wanted to get the license to host an official TED Talk at the Karls. We supported him in the application, got the license and found many motivated members/volunteers who also believed in making this opportunity a reality. When I think back to that moment, it still makes me smile. The months of planning, conversations and unpredictability paid off when the TED Talk finally took place on October 7, 2023, almost a year after the original idea.

This whole journey has shown me that if you have a great idea and truly believe in it, the right people will show up to make it happen. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and will never forget how great our TEDx Karlshochschule team was!”

And what does the initiator Aboubacar have to say?

"For me, ......TEDx events are the perfect platform to bring people from all walks of life together to share their unique perspectives and solutions to the challenges facing our global community. By bringing people from different backgrounds together, I want to foster a culture of curiosity, empathy and collaboration, because my vision is based on the idea that people who choose to work hand in hand have the power to shape the world...."

Find out more in the videos

Daanyal Khan:


Nikolaj Mandsberg 


Christopher Stephen 


Frank Widmayer


Ben J Munday


Hope Williams


Viktoriya Sokolova 


Mithun Sridharan


Cyril Junior Dim