Graduating from Karlshochschule was the beginning of a new phase of our lives for myself and my fellow students: some of them put their business ideas into practice, others entered management positions in established companies, and others are working for NGOs. Some of them have stayed in the region but others have gone out into the wider world. All these different paths have one thing in common: they all started out at Karlshochschule. I know it might sound a little pretentious, but if Karls is our intellectual home, then the alumni are our haven. After all, this community of former students offers me a network of like-minded people. Here I can find old mentors and new collaborators; forge joint plans and share dreams; discuss issues that are important to me; stay in touch with former companions; and find new contacts to current students, professors and teachers from the fields of culture and business.

Keep in touch and keep networking!


Alumni of Karlshochschule International University e.V. – for us, "alumni" include all of Karlshochschule's former students and graduates, staff members and guests from Germany and all over the world.

Currently there are approx. 650 matriculated students at Karlshochschule. And in the summer of 2008, the first students at our University graduated into a new phase of their life. Many of our former students move away from the city of Karlsruhe after they complete their studies – leaving behind the University, the friends they made here, and a lifestyle.

Our alumni network offers the chance to stay in touch and contribute to the exchange of experiences among graduates, current students, the University and its partners in the business sector.

Alumni of Karlshochschule International University e.V.
Karlstraße 36 - 38
76133 Karlsruhe
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E-Mail: alumni(at)


As a member of the alumni network I benefit from the following services:

  • Expansion and maintenance of my network of former fellow students, professors and business contacts
  • Newsletter with information from my network
  • In planning: Regular alumni meetings, online community and career portal, cross-mentoring program, career service

Membership Alumni Association

In order to keep in touch with my fellow students, I am applying for membership in the alumni association:

*This data will be used exclusively for purposes related to the association, alumni and graduates. The Alumni Association, as dictated by its statutes, works closely with Karlshochschule, which for its part also provides active support to the Alumni Association with regard to the organization and hosting of events and workshops, communication and operative management. The Alumni Association should be contacted directly in the case of further questions or any possible objection. The Association expressly assures that data will not be passed on to third parties for purposes of market research or other opinion polls.   

Where the General Assembly of Members agrees any changes to the Statutes or Conditions of Membership, the Board will inform those affected. Members are themselves responsible for ensuring their contact details and contactability remain up-to-date. Updates or changes can be communicated at any time in writing to the Association address or via the appropriate form on the website. Ensuring membership data is up-to-date helps to inform members in the most targeted way of relevant events, networking opportunities and alumni-related work. 

Executive Board

Tanja Sitzer

Head of Marketing & Communications

Tanja Sitzer

Celinne de Paula

2. Chairperson
Student International Business (IB-2018)

Celinne de Paula