Studying abroad is not only a big step in your personal development, but is also associated with country-specific (mostly bureaucratic) hurdles at the beginning. What do you need as an international to study in Germany? Do you like Karlsruhe as a city or Germany as a country to live in? Is Karlshochschule right for you?

The KarlsAmbassadors’ initiative offer you the opportunity to ask these questions to international students from your home country or a similar region who went through the same path as you! Our KarlsAmbassadors give you individual assistance and are glad to help you with your first steps to Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe and Germany.

We have plenty of content on Instagram if you want to gain an insight into our student life at the Karlshochschule and in Germany. For more bureaucratic questions, we advise you to talk to a contact person from the same (or similar) region as you come from.

Otherwise, simply contact one of our KarlsAmbassadors or write directly to karlsambassadors(at)karlshochschule.de. We will be happy to help you!

Contact Person

Chat directly with the KarlsAmbassadors

Become an Ambassador!

Behind the curtains, the initiative is not only about supporting new students. As community managers, being an ambassador is much more than that. Here you will learn about motivators, values, and cultures in our international marketing area. You will explore your creativity with our content creation projects - all of that within the assistance of a strong community!


  • Letter of recommendation based on engagement
  • Prioritized exchange semester
  • Workshops
  • Access to Karlshochschule equipment
  • Support from Marketing & Communications department
  • Gain practical experience with content creation, international marketing and student support
  • Be part of the awesome ambassadors’ community!


Do you want to become an ambassador? Simply send us a message at ambassadors(at)karlshochschule.de stating your interest.