Karls Model United Nations (KarlsMUN)

Who are we? KarlsMUN is the Karlshochschule’s very own Model United Nations (MUN) initiative. MUN is a political simulation of the United Nations where students take on the role of a countries delegate and discuss specific, recent topics within their committee. In the end they file a resolution (a document signed by the majority of committee members). We usually go to MUN conferences as a Karls delegation, meaning we all represent the same country and act as a team throughout the event but while participating in different committees. MUN takes places all over the world so we have traveled to Vienna, Strasburg, and Paris for such events. To learn more about MUN in general check out this website ( https://bestdelegate.com/what-is-model-united-nations/ ).


Cultural exchange is central to KarlsMUN. First, taking on a role and representing an opinion that might not be one's own enhances the world view through the eyes and the position of non-native countries. Second, thanks to the international nature of conferences, KarlsMUN members meet and befriend people from all over the world. In addition, KarlsMUN strives to foment the skills necessary to be the future leaders of international organizations. Through our initiative students can expect the following

  • Have a heightened understanding of how international cooperation, law, and diplomacy is performed in international organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), International Court of Justice (ICJ), Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), etc.
  • Strengthen personal skills necessary to stand out in MUN debates and professional life, such as, public speaking, topic-specific research, and interpersonal and negotiation management.
  • To accomplish all this, KarlsMUN organizes workshops and seminars throughout the semester with the main objective of attending a big conference as a team. Even if you are new to MUN or an experienced MUNer there is a place for you in KarlsMUN!

Are you ready to become a Karls delegate?