Layouth - Dreaming of mutual understanding

Layouth was founded with a mission in mind, and that is to bring Latin America and Europe closer through academic exchange. We believe that academic exchange, in the form of webinars, workshops, scholarships, and internships, is vital to the growth of stronger relationships and mutual understanding.

Just because we are academically focused does not mean that we’re always serious. Learning about a different culture is impossible without interaction between participants (looking at you 1800s anthropology). We are looking forward to launch and be part of events where we can bring the Karls' community closer.

We're also aiming to bring the Latin American student community in together. By building a tight student community we seek to support each other and showcase how diverse and culturally rich nossa terra/nuestra tierra truly is.

If you have an interest in Latin America, join us! We're looking forward to meet you. Feel free to send us an email to layouth(at) or follow us on Instagram @la.youth.