Student Board (StuV)

Karlshochschule Student Board (StuV) has an extensive and broad number of duties, in which we focus on. Our team priority is to engage the students in all of our activities, to help you with any concerns and to serve as bridge of communication between you and the University. 

Some of our major tasks include the job committee, the examination committee, the quality committee and the faculty board; within each of these committees our job is to represent and improve our university. Part of our job within these committees, includes having a say in which new professors are hired and which improvements can be made to change the every day life of our university and our students. In order to do the best job we can, we hold test lectures and teacher evaluations every semester. Apart from these tasks, our main goal is to always provide the best quality of events, teachers, classes, etc., for every student. 

With the help of our course representatives, we try to improve the flow of communication and information within each major and class and to always seek for the highest quality of education that we can provide for our students. 

Along with our bigger tasks, the StuV handels all merchandising and lockers for the Karlshochschule. We provide the students with the option to support their university with a large variety of merchandise; plus with our new lockers, students can make their daily university life easier and more organized by leaving anything from their valuables to their books in the safety of their own locker. 

To make sure that none of our students ever feel bored or tired of the same daily routine, the StuV regularly organizes a wide range of events. So far we've thrown after work parties (in cooperation with the KarlsCafé), semester opening and closing parties (in cooperation with clubs in Karlsruhe) and seasonal events (for example during Christmas). And don't worry, we are always coming up with new ideas for events and parties, because our priority is your enjoyment.