Semester abroad for the Karls Students

International exchange and inclusive intercultural experiences form a vital part of the Karlshochschule’s educational concept. As the semester abroad is already integrated in my Bachelor’s program and the International Office provides ongoing assistance, the process of organizing my semester abroad is simple. Thanks to the extensive network of partner universities, I can choose between approx. 114 institutions.

A semester abroad makes it possible to gain new experiences and broaden my horizon. I can increase my intercultural competence, improve my foreign language skills and dive into a new learning environment. At the same time I have the opportunity to build an international network that may be useful for my future career. Information sessions and a variety of workshops on intercultural preparation are also part of what the International Office has to offer. With the help of different funding opportunities, the financial side of my semester abroad is also manageable. I do not pay tuition fees to the partner universities. Moreover, I also remain enrolled at Karlshochschule during my stay abroad. Additionally, I can do my mandatory internship in the sixth semester with an organization abroad.

Language and cultural preparations for Karlshochschule students for their semester abroad

Karlshochschule attaches great importance to language training for their students and expects them to master English and the language of instruction at the partner university (if not English) at a B2 level by the time their semester abroad begins. To this end, it offers a wide range of language courses including e.g. English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Additionally, intensive courses in German are available between semesters (depending on demand). I'm free to study a third or fourth foreign language as well. However, language preparation before the semester abroad is not everything. Several weeks before I leave, I start the intercultural preparation organized by the International Office. And when I return, I will reflect on my term abroad during an intercultural debriefing session.

Credit for course achievements and internships

Students who go abroad can be sure their study achievements and internships will be accepted for credit as long as they meet certain conditions. The detailed requirements for how study achievements qualify for credits will be clearly established between the students, the home university, and the guest university before the semester abroad. For example, all compulsory modules will be listed in the Transcript of Records and many voluntary modules will be stated in the Diploma Supplement.


Financing your semester abroad