Academic Regulations

During my semester abroad I'll find my way around a different environment, acquire new perspectives, reflect on how my culture compares with a "foreign" one, and in the process, I'll mature as a person. For Karlshochschule, the international exchange program and related intercultural experience are a fundamental part of the didactic concept. The respective language preparation and regulations regarding credits for my course achievements abroad, are also part of this concept:

Language and culture preparations for Karlshochschule students for their term abroad:

Karlshochschule attaches great importance on language training for their students and expects them to master English, and the language of instruction at the partner university (if not English) to a B2 level by the time their semester abroad begins. To this end, it offers a wide range of language courses including English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Additionally, intensive courses in German are available between semesters (depending on demand), and naturally, I'm free to study a third or fourth foreign language as well. However language tuition before the semester abroad is not everything. Several weeks before I leave, I start the intercultural preparation organized by the International Office. And when I return, I will reflect on my term abroad during an intercultural debriefing session. As part of this it is also possible to acquire a certificate in "Intercultural Competence".

Languages offered for exchange and visiting students and staff:

For all foreign students and staff, Karlshochschule offers German, as well as English courses. While the English classes are supplemented with practical exercises, there are German language partners available for all students studying German, or wanting to improve their language skills and to help them work on those skills. In addition, a "German Culture" module is offered, which aims to provide a basic knowledge of German culture, history, and traditions.

Credit for course achievements and internships

Karlshochschule students who go abroad can be sure their student achievements and internships will be accepted for credit as long as they meet certain conditions. The details about what achievements are needed, and how they will qualify for credit will be clearly established between the students, the home university, and the guest university before the semester abroad. For example, all compulsory modules will be listed in the Transcript of Records and many voluntary benefits will be recorded in the Diploma Supplement.

Grading System

The grading system at Karlshochschule compromises five levels:

  • 1.0 - 1.5 very good (outstanding performance)
  • 1.6 - 2.5 good (performance that is significantly above average)
  • 2.6 - 3.5 satisfactory (average performance)
  • 3.6 - 4.0 sufficient (performance that complies with requirements in spite of shortcomings)
  • 4.1 - 5.0 insufficient (performance that does not comply with requirements due to significant shortcomings)

The minimum passing grade is "sufficient" (performance that complies with requirements in spite of shortcomings).