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I'm so glad there's at least one University where international and intercultural exchanges are so commonplace. With so many international students, visiting lecturers and professors, the International Office has an important role to play, because it handles all the organization and coordination of international relations. Primarily and most importantly, the International Office is the point of contact for all "incoming" and "outgoing" students, which includes all exchange students and visiting students from abroad, and for all Karlshochschule students that are studying for a semester at one of the partner universities.

For outgoing students, it offers advice on choosing the right university, assists in selecting the right subjects, and keeps in touch when they're abroad. For incoming students, it helps with their applications, organizes for them to attend intensive language courses, and arranges intercultural days, so they can feel at home in Karlsruhe as a visitor and allows them to represent their culture and university back home.

The International Office offers precisely the assistance to professors, lecturers, and staff as well. It also encourages and expands the international network of the Karlshochschule, either by establishing new contacts with potential partner universities, or regularly taking part in international conferences. Probably the best thing for me to do right now, is to get to know the campus of Karlshochschule and the faces of the staff in the Office.

Good to know,..

that more than 96% of the outgoing students of the Karlshochschule are satisfied or very satisfied with their own semester abroad experience (see ERASMUS + Final Report Project 2016). The strengthening of my intercultural competence, the enriching exchange with students from abroad on campus as well as the intensive support by the International Office provide an ideal preparation for my stay abroad. The possibility to get one of the numerous scholarships creates for me ways to make the experience abroad a unique and unforgettable experience.

At the same time, I am happy that more than 82% of the incoming students at the Karlshochschule are satisfied or very satisfied with the integration into everyday life; as many as 91% are content with the academic support and administrative support (see ERASMUS + Final Report Project 2016). For this I make a decisive contribution, so that the welcome culture at the Karlshochschule continues to be exemplary and makes a difference.

The International Office looks after about 40 (SS) - 80 (WS) Outgoings and about 35 - 50 Incomings each semester. Through ERASMUS + alone, around € 130,000 in funding is available exclusively for semester abroad and internships for the project period from 2019 to 2020/21. In relation to the number of enrolled students, Karlshochschule is number 1 out of all 428 universities and universities of applied science in Germany when it comes to ERASMUS+ funded study/internship abroad mobilities (statistics project 2016, DAAD ERASMUS+ annual report 2018, p. 115). Students of the Karlshochschule can also use one of the approx. 300 tuition-waved places at partner universities (Bilateral Agreements, per year).


These are the top countries of origin / destinations of our exchange students in the Summer Semester 2019:

Regardless of your origin - You are welcome @Karls!

The Officers

Mr. Tom Green
Dr. Alexander Trefz atrefz@karlshochschule