Marketing und Communication

We, the "Marketing & Communication" department, are the central point of contact for all issues relating to external marketing (communication) of the educational offers at Karlshochschule as well as internal communication. 

We create a wide range of informational materials such as brochures and flyers for staff, students and the public. We look after the website, maintain social media profiles and present Karlshochschule using photos and videos. Our core tasks also include organizing events, from the Open House to the free, public "Karlsgespräche" talks and stands at relevant educational fairs. We also provide assistance for formats such as the Transfer or Orientation Weeks.

In our department, these tasks are organized into six areas: "Acquisition," "Networks," "External Communication," "Events," "Internal Communication" and "Internal Services". Within these areas and our activity profiles, we use analogue and digital methods to work through the communication and marketing tasks at hand.