Who we are

KarlsMUN is the Model United Nations (MUN) Initiative of the Karlshochschule International University. KarlsMUN is a student-led initiative and all students of the Karlshochschule are welcome to join.

As an MUN initiative for Karlsruhe students, KarlsMUN is working closely together with MUNIKA e.V., who is also organising the yearly Karlsruhe Model United Nations Conference (KAMUN).


What is MUN

An MUN is a Model United Nations conference where participants simulate a committee of the United Nations. In these committees the participants represent the foreign policy of a member state of the United Nations and through debating and holding speeches, persuade fellow delegates to work on a common resolution.

Most MUNs are organised by students and offer a variety of committees and countries, usually following a certain theme and often a specific, current topic. Some MUNs even ever historic committees, in which delegates have to travel into the past and renegotiate historic events.



Especially in sociological and political degrees MUNs are a popular and proven method to prepare oneself to work with and in an international community and participate in an inter-cultural, trans-national conferences, travelling around the world.

Apart from the yearly KAMUN, in the last semester members of KarlsMUN participated at MEDMUN in Menton, PIMUN in Paris, and TLVMUN in Tel Aviv, as well as MaMUN in Mannheim.


Our Goals

Academic and cultural is essential and central to KarlsMUN. Representing a role or opinion that might not be one’s own enhances the world view and socio-political understand of a person, as well as prepares one for a political and international working environment. This is only supported by the international character of MUN conferences, where delegates from all over the world tend to participate.

Moreover, KarlsMUN strives to foment the skills necessary to be the future leader of an international organisation. These skills include, but are not limited to, the basic understand of international (public) law, the cooperation of NGOs, NPOs, and states, the structure of the United Nations and her sub-organisations, such as the International Court of Justice, and many others.



During the semester KarlsUN is organising different workshops, seminars, and debates to prepare members for an incredible MUN experience.

It does not matter if you are a first timer to MUN or already have experiences, every Karls student is welcome at KarlsMUN.

Meetings are weekly for an hour and dependent on the study schedule.

Are you ready to become a Karls delegate?


Ninja Hahn and Paul Mauersberg