Karls Storytellers

The Karls Storytellers is part of the social media team of the Karlshochschule. We present the university in its official channels and tell the Karls story according to our motto "Let’s make a difference".

Our editorial team consists of students from all courses and semesters, supervised by two coaches. Together we develop formats for Facebook, Instagram & Co and learn everything about working professionally with social media. Our main focus is on the creative aspect of social media management, such as the content production (photo, text and video).

But we also deal with the theoretical background: In addition to our practical work, we discuss the basics of successful social media activities in monthly team meetings. We deal with questions such as "What makes our content contagious and shareable", "How do we deal with trolls or shitstorms" and "How do we measure our results"?

As a member of our team ...

  • ... you gain practical experience in doing social media work for the Karlshochschule
  • ... you benefit from professional coaching in content and community management
  • ... you receive theoretical input on important aspects of goal-oriented communication on the Web
  • ... you can freely and flexibly schedule your working hours in consultation with the trainers
  • ... you get a fair expense compensation, as well as a reference for your CV
  • ... you have fun playing around and experimenting with new media

If you are interested in developing your skills in this direction, join our team!

Simply send an email with a letter of motivation and some samples of your work, if applicable, to storytellers(at)karlshochschule.de.