Voices@Karls is a feminist initiative, organising events and education to the Karls and Karlsruhe community. Our flagship event is the yearly KarlsPride. In addition we have events, lectures and workshops and further initiatives on a range of topics related to the related to gender equality, antiracism, mental wellbeing, LGTBQI+, disability, and their intersections, sexual harassment, microaggressions, self-empowerment.... We also meet regularly among ourselves in a smaller group to talk, support one another, and self-reflect on these topics.

We aim for open conversations on these different themes. We celebrate the similarities and differences between each other, because no one should be feeling left out. It is amazing to get to know people under the surface and to become aware our various talents.

Our focus is to recognise each unique Voice, educate on inclusion and empowerment, and to show how proud we are of our diversity. We believe that this is what makes Karls so special. In the events which we organize, we share our experiences in an direct and supporting environment. From that, we build a platform for thoughtful and honest conversations and allow our questions find answers. Our evenings are a mixture of discussions, questions, answers and open mic sessions, even with some artistic closing at the end.

If you would like to be brainstorming and organising such events, we warmly welcome you to join the Voices@Karls team! Everyone’s ideas and contributions are highly valued. Roles in project management, marketing and communication, social media, scripting and moderation, expert panels and performances are available. Your imagination is the limit. 

If you have any questions, feedback, requests or want to join us in debating diversity topics and preparing future events, we want to hear you Voice!


Prof. Dr. Ella Roininen