Cloud Festival @Europa-Park

On March 14, a group of students was invited to the Cloud Festival at Europa-Park.

At the beginning we got an overview of the event and got first impressions at the Market Place. Since the park has opened some attractions especially for the event, the fun wasn't neglected. We couldn't miss Bluefire, Matterhorn Blitz and other roller coasters.

After a delicious lunch we got an exclusive tour from the Confertainment department. Details about the event, the further program and the construction, the concert that took place in the evening, we were allowed to look behind the scenes everywhere.

 We are very grateful for that amazing experience.

Karls @ Imagining Tomorrow in Utrecht

Prof Dr. Stephan Sonnenburg and five of our Bachelor and Master students attended Imagining Tomorrow in Utrecht, Netherlands during this month:

"Imagining tomorrow was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people from the Netherlands, India, Japan and the United States and I really loved the creative atmosphere, that was everywhere." – Julia Wutzler (3rd semester, Arts and Cultural Management)

"It was a unique experience to engage in a creative project with international team members you didn't know in advance. Together with the high multdisciplinarity, due to the many different study programs, we had a wide range of perspectives who led to a more creative outcome. Besides, we had a lot of fun with our teams, during our trips to Den Haag or Rotterdam and could learn a lot interculturally but also personally. I am glad having been part of this!" – Friedemann Bauknecht (3rd semester, Arts and Cultural Management)

Class of 2017 graduated

The Karls celebrated the graduation of our Class of 2017. We had 122 Bachelor student graduates. For that night, we welcomed over 400 guests, many coming from around the the world. Lenka Rauer (IMC) and Katharina Fröhlich (AMC) were recognised for their social and voluntary engagement. Nick Binder, Francis Frietsch (both IMA) and Emily Knoll (AMC) were appreciated for their commitment in organizing Something 2.0. The top students in the Deans' list from Faculty I and II were: Jessica Berger, Lenka Rauer, Isabel Sigloch, Francis Frietsch, Denise Radimersky, Katharina Fröhlich, Luisa Krämer, Laura Domschat, Rebecca Anderer and Laura Peschke. The Best Student of the Year award was presented by Dr. Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt to Denise Radimersky. After the awards, students spent some time together, not only collecting their graduating degrees but getting an opportunity to catch up with their peers. After their semester abroad, an internship and the time spent writing their individual thesis, there was a lot to talk about. The evening concluded with a common dinner and many happy moments among family, friends, professors, lecturers and staff. We are proud of our graduates and we wish them the very best!

Company project for the U.S. Consulate General

As part of the Company projects, some of our students were invited by the U. S. Consulate General to an informal meeting with Consul General James Herman and his staff in Frankfurt to discuss strategic communication and the role of digital media in international diplomacy.

Santa came

Organized by our student board, the StuV, our Australian-vibed Santa delivered Christmas cards and chocolate as festive messages to friends and secret crushes.  All the money raised from this sweet messaging service will go to the Arche Karlsruhe to support their important work.

Karlshochschule @ Lufthansa CityLine (31 October)

One of the most frequently asked questions our Admissions Team receives is what our students actually do after graduating from the Karlshochschule and where they do their internship in the sixth semester. Well, some of them landed at Lufthansa CityLine.

From left to right: Andreas Müller studied International Tourism Management and is now head of the department Administration in the department Human Resources, Dominik Weber (International Marketing Management) is a consultant in the department Flight Operations Support and Lucas Weisbrod is studying Intercultural Management and Communication and is currently doing his internship in the department Flight Operations Support.

Joachim Scheiderer - Head of the Flight Operations Support department - says:"The Karlshochschule plays a certain role for us.

Model United Nations Conference in Vienna (30 October 2017)

On a visit to the Model United Nations Conference in Vienna Anthony Amato (IR, 5th semester), Pareesha Nayar (PPE, 3rd semester), Wiebke Polomka (IR, 3rd semester), David Sasse (PPE, 3rd semester) and Lara Kuschlanski (IR, 3rd semester) had the amazing opportunity to also visit a meeting in the actual United Nations headquaters in Vienna. They attended the event around the 70th anniversary of CoNGO, the conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations. As students of IR and PPE, this was an especially fortunate occasion. They had the opportunity to meet real life diplomates and representatives of NGOs that stand up for the needs of the citizens of our world. To witness this interaction of two types of important decision-makers for our society was a great Inspiration and honor.

Award for Company Projects (18 October 2017)

We've known it for a long time: Our company projects are among the very best! The jury of the Ars legendi prize for excellent university teaching also agrees. Among the nearly 100 competitors from all over Germany, our company projects were among the best four proposals in the category "Practical relevance and internships in university studies".

We are happy to pass on the splendid and encouraging praise of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft to all professors, coaches and business partners involved - but above all to our students, who bring the idea of corporate projects to life every semester and inspire us and our project developers!

Karlsgespräch with Johannes Doms (HiPP) (11 October 2017)

For the first Karlsgespräche of this semester we had the pleasure to welcome Johannes Doms, General Manager at HiPP Baby Foods at Karlshochschule International University. Mr. Doms gave an inspiring talk about how his company made it a key objective to focus on sustainability at a decision-making level. For us, as future managers and change makers, it becomes more and more crucial to rethink our society, and the companies we support and serve in a sustainable way. His talk was followed up by a lively discussion, which made this night a great start to the semester!

Beginning of the winter semester 2017/2018 (18 September 2017)

Today we gave a warm welcome to our 180 new students heading into the Orientation Week. More than 50 nationalities gathered in our PlaySpace where they were introduced to the Karls by our professors and student tutors. All of them shared their experiences and insights on how it is to study at the Karls and be part of this community. We are looking forward to have a great week with all of you!

Scholarships winter semester 2017/2018 (18 September 2017)

With the beginning of the new semester, the Karlshochschule International University has awarded scholarships to 22 students for outstanding achievements as well as special university and non-university commitment.

Alina Allmann and Lydia Schwab were honoured with a scholarship from the Werner Stober Foundation.
A scholarship from AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e. V. receive Charlotte Falke, Nele Menkel, Jedida Ravindran, Helen Vöhringer for her bachelor's degree and Camille Peralta for the International Foundation Year and her subsequent bachelor's degree.
Marei Schüle was honoured with a Weltwärts scholarship.
The Deutsche Jugendpresse awarded a scholarship to Selina Cuffaro.
This year, the FSJ Kultur fellowships were awarded to Marlene May, Lara Knigge, Michelle Potschka and Velvet Brauns.

In addition, a Deutschlandstipendium was awarded to Michelle Bender, Karel Martin Bartos, Oliver Meier, Derek Twiss, Vanessa Eberle, Friedemann Bauknecht, Michelle Yammine Izaguire, Anna-Lisa Aufrecht and Sebastian Drue.