KarlsPride Digital Dinner Discussion

Karls Pride is going global!! 

This year’s Karls Pride brings together experiences and expertise from all continents. Join our panel discussion to learn how the struggle for rights and freedom of gender and sexual expression connects with the cultural and political context, race, and further societal discourses. How the contested position of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, gender non-confirming and otherwise queer identifying people manifest in the expressions of identities, in politics and at work places. Take part it the Q&A to learn more and support the true spirit of Pride: Visibility, inclusion and acceptance.  

The panel discussion is organised by the Voices@Karls student initiative and takes place on 


Our panelists: 

Abdul-wadud Mohammed is an LGBTQ+ rights activist best known for currently being the Communications Director for LGBT+ Rights Ghana  He has worked for and contributed to the development of the LGBTQ community in Ghana since 2014. He has also volunteered for Hope Alliance Foundation as their General Tech Support Officer. Being a member of the Human Rights Defenders Ghana, he believes championing the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups is the only way to build a better world for all. Abdul-wadud prides himself a feminist ally who supports feminism and the rights of women. Empowering the marginalized and vulnerable populations to reach higher prospects provides him with so much gratification. Having a degree in Computer science, Abdul-wadud hopes to use his knowledge in technology to help the LGBTQ community navigate the future.

Craig Duncan is the Head of Governance and Analytics, Corporate Solution Claims at Swiss Re, a Director and the global lead of Swiss Re's LGBTI+ network, Together with Pride. Craig will share on the current situation in Switzerland, where he resides (and where same-sex marriage will be put into a national vote in September), but also has personal experiences from New Zealand and the US, and through his world-wide personal and professional network. Craig has an MBA degree from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and degrees in Law and Political Science from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Jeffry T. Hester is a cultural anthropologist (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley), teaching at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan. Born and raised in the United States, Jeffry has lived, studied and worked some 30 years in Japan. He's been teaching and researching about racialized minorities in Japan, most especially resident Zainichi Koreans, as well as in the fields of gender and sexuality. In particular, Jeffry is interested in issues related to the situation of transgender people in Japan, and the politics of LGBTQ+ related movements. He also researched and published on fujoshi in Japan, those “rotten girls” who display a particular enthusiasm for male-male romantic and erotic relations as depicted in the BL and yaoi genres. Jeffry very much enjoys including photography and videography in his research and teaching practice.

Linh Phan/Moc (she/her) is the co-leader of UniGEN - a community-based grassroots organization that empowers the diverse young & adolescents queer communities within the LGBTIQ in Vietnam. Linh has been an LGBTIQ activist for 6 years with a huge passion for embracing tolerance, inclusion & self-love among queer people. She has been actively working on raising queer visibility while she was in charge of coordinating annual events of the Vietnamese LGBTIQ community: VietPride, IDAHOT, Appreciation Day (2016-2018); wrote articles for an electronic newspaper in the category LGBTIQ in 2018; and consistently accompanying with young queer individuals in empowerment journey to become the next generation of LGBTIQ activists. Linh was one of the first alumni of ASEAN Queer Leadership Week in 2018. She also led the UniGEN & Ally team to win 2nd place in a competition of creating books about LGBTIQ hosted by Save the Children in Vietnam.

We look forward to seeing you there!