What a joy – The semester this fall will be in-person

The interaction, the exchange between students and teachers, as well as the sense of community and the international atmosphere are all very important to us. We changed our teaching to online teaching last year and integrated the interactive elements via various digital tools, such as Padlet, Miro, Kahoot, Mentimeter, etc.

However, we know that there is no substitute for direct contact and that our students naturally need to be close to each other and to their teachers. Especially first-year students need to get to know their fellow classmates personally. The step into a new phase of life should not begin in isolation...

Therefore, we have done everything possible to enable in-person teaching – from a proven hygiene concept, aerosol filters in all rooms, free PCR tests and self-tests to available vaccination appointments for all our students. The increasing number of vaccinated individuals as well as the latest developments in incidence figures show us the way in the right direction.

As a small university, we have the advantage that we teach in small study groups and can also react flexibly to updates. Because of this, our Master's students were finally able to study on site at Karlshochschule again the last few weeks and around 40 Bachelor's students were able to hold a joint block seminar in the Black Forest.

We will also offer a hybrid solution in the new semester for those who cannot come on site due to longer VISA processes, for instance. For all others, the studies will finally take place in the premises in Karlsruhe again!

You can find the latest information on Covid regulations, entry information and also emotional support

at www.karlshochschule.de/en/university/services/karls-covid-19