Working together for a better future: Social TransFormation Summit in August

After an amazing initial brainstorming with more than 30 participants, coming from various realms and organizations including political organizations, social startups, various universities, research institutes, political think tanks and social movements, we together came up with many inspiring ideas for a Social Transformation Summit in Karlsruhe.

But what is the idea of the Social TransFormation Summit?
Together we would like to join forces with anyone interested in social-ecological transformation to host this "Social TransFormation Summit" in Karlsruhe this summer, circumstances permitting. The goal of the summit is to act as a hub that allows people from different sectors of civil society to get to know each other, exchange ideas, learn from each other, share skills and ultimately develop common visions for a just and sustainable future.

What are the next steps?
Based on our first brainstorming, we would like to invite YOU to participate in our in-depth discussion groups. We want to refine the existing ideas and possibly even come up with concrete workshop ideas:

  • Tuesday 9.3.21 from 6h to 7h pm CET: Discussion group "Alternative Approaches to Economy(s) & Finance"
  • Tuesday 9.3.21 from 7h to 8h pmCET: Discussion group “Social Justice, Gender Justice & AntiRacism”
  • Thursday 11.3.21 from 2h to 3h pmCET: Discussion round "Environmental & Climate Justice
  • Thursday 11.3.21 from 3h to 4h pmCET: Discussion round working groups, organization & design Summit

Interested? Join us and register here.

What comes after?
After the various brainstorming sessions, we would like to form working groups with everyone interested in organizing the event, splitting up various organizational tasks.

We are looking forward to making this happen with YOU!